Chose a Puppy, What’s Next?

I Chose a Puppy, Now What?…    Now, it’s time to start a long life together, a successful relationship, and it starts by setting up your pup for success.  You have brought home a new baby and you must be sure your home is baby-proof to ensure safety.  Walk through your home and look carefully […]


Housetraining Your Pup   If the pup makes a mess in the house –  You didn’t do your job, and that’s in no way the dog’s fault.  You let him  down.  Clean it up and start over…it’s OK. If you can’t keep supervise him without help, tether him to you. That way he can’t “wander […]

Puppy-Proof Your Home

Puppy Proofing Your Home! Puppies can be destructive, fun-loving critters. Just accept that if an object is within a puppy’s reach, it will potentially be chewed up. Puppies have a very deep urge to chew on anything and everything. So make the decision now that the puppy will not have free range of your house. […]

Choosing the Right Puppy for You

Choosing the Right Puppy for You  So… you’ve decided to bring a new puppy into your life…  You have some important decisions to make before you pick out that little furball. Though it’s very tempting to pick out the first little one that bounds up to you, please take some  time, do some research and […]

Socializing Your Puppy

SOCIALIZING YOUR PUPPY  You’ve heard the old adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”?  This is definitely the case   when it comes to socialization for your puppy.  His early experiences will shape his personality, how he deals with stress and how he reacts to the world around him.  What is […]

Is An Aussie Right for You?

Is An Aussie the Right Dog for You? By  (04/29/15 Australian Shepherds are some of the most adorable puppies ever, no argument there.  It is so easy to  fall in love and end up with a new fur-ball baby. If you have already, don’t panic, you have luckily  chosen  one of the most intelligent, […]

Puppy Separation Anxiety

Help Your Mini Australian Shepherd Puppy Get Over Separation Anxiety Does your getting ready to leave for work in the morning seem to cause your puppy anxiety or panic? Do you dread coming home in the evening because you fear your home has been destroyed… shoes chewed and the sofa peed on? Do your neighbors […]